Weight Loss Group Coaching

I just wanted to update all of you that I now have a weight loss group coaching program that is now enrolling 6 week weight loss reset starting May the week of May 10th 2021! I am working with another advanced weight loss coach. Our program focuses on helping you to reset your hunger hormones and work on you mindset- all the with the support of other women that are going threw the same thing you are! For more information feel free to click below. If you have any question feel free to comment here as well!


Journaling for long term weight loss

We often wonder why we keep failing with making lifestyle changes. Why we can’t just finally lose the weight for good? The first place I recommend to get insight on this is starting to journal. Why? Because you start to see where your pain points are in life! You will see the same things coming up and then you know where the work is going to be. It’s a different quality when something is written out- so don’t fool yourself that you’re thinking about it in your head so you’re ok. Write it out. Writing stuff out slowly it down. It has a different quality to it.

Here I want to tell 3 quick tips to get started and make it easy.

1. Quick. When I first started I said I will journal for one minute or two sentences. That’s it! Lower the bar way down so you can do it!

2. Daily. The power is in daily doing this work. Find a time when you can make this happen. For me it’s right before work I close my office door and write a few sentences.

3. Drop the judgement. There is no perfection here. Just write anything to start with. Also, there is no dark black core or horribleness we are trying to find. Journaling can be an uplifting positive experience. It doesn’t just have to be all the bad things that are happening. What are all the ways life is perfect right now? Start there!

Have you implemented any written journaling practices for your self-care? Let me know below in the comments what it looks like for you or what questions you have.

Have a great week friends! ❤️


Life balance- is it a myth?

With the new year right around the corner, like so many of you I find myself thinking about goals for 2021. Something I come back to eternally is how to balance it all- family, work, etc. How can I get it “right”? Is there even a perfect mix for me?

A friend of mine said the most profound statement the other day: “There is is no balance in this moment but in our lifetime” -Dalit S. My mind was blown!!

How true is that?!

I wanted to share this concept with you on New Year’s Eve. What if each moment isn’t perfect in life but within the course of the year it is overall what you want?

What if you don’t lose a bunch of weight in January but you stick with it and lose maybe 20-30lbs over the course of the year and repeat until you get to your goal?! Could success look really different?

I encourage you to keep that thought in mind that there is no balance right in this moment but in our lifetime. For right now, you get to decide what you do in the shorty term. In the next week, month, year.

What are your New Years goals? Comment below to let me know.

My goal is to keep doing daily written thought downloads and plan to lose another 30-40lbs. I really I have overall a little over 100lbs to lose but plan on losing it slow as my overall motto is to lose it for the last time. I’ve learned it takes learning as I go and not being radically different that doesn’t stick. It’s so different then what I have done in the past! If it happens quicker fine but I find we don’t celebrate enough sustained progress.

Happy New Years everyone! Let’s make it a great 2021! ❤️


Managing an urge or craving

With food, I define an urge and craving as wanting a specific food. Often when my clients start to change how they are eating, urges and cravings come out as they are transitioning to a different way of eating.

Try staring here:

-name it! Realize it’s an urge or craving. A good rule of thumb is if if a dry piece of protein won’t cut it- likely it’s not hunger and it’s a craving.

-ask yourself why you want it?

– what happens if you don’t have it?

-can you allow yourself to feel the feeling and not resist it? (Usually urges don’t last more then a few minutes if you don’t resist the emotion)

Tip: urges feel urgent 😳. They are not! It’s just a feeling you don’t want to feel- but what if you’re completely capable and able to handle it? ❤️

I remember this summer when we were at the beach and the kids were eating donuts. I had brought other food that I had planned. In the middle of the day I went to the car to get water and saw the donuts there and was about to eat it but I thought, “what if I woke up tomorrow and haven’t eaten this?” 😄

There it was! That moment when the urge was there and I just asked myself what happens if I don’t have this? It gave me a moment to see all the good things that happen if I don’t have it. By saying no, there were so many other yeses!

Give yourself that time with your next urge. You can do it. ❤️


Letting go!

What food belief are you ready to let go of today that is not serving you well?

For some of us that’s such a scary concept! That would mean change and that equates in our mind to danger 😳!

Letting go of our desire for candy or bread. What? You mean I could be a person who literally doesn’t want it? Yes!

Try practice a thought such as, “I am just not a person who (WHAT IT IS YOU DON’T WANT TO BE DOING ANYMORE GOES HERE).”

I’ve practice this with “I’m just someone who doesn’t overeat.” And I say it with real authority to myself- like I’m the CEO of my life that I am 😂. What’s funny is then at the end of the meal when I know I am satisfied and want to keep going from old habits I remind myself of that- “yeah there’s some food left but I’m just not a person who overeats anymore.”

What could that real boss thought be for you and how will you really own it down to your core? 😁🎉

Happy Monday my friends. Let’s have a great week 😊!


Picking slow sustainable weight loss

Historically I always wanted weight off quick. But it never lasted. Then I found weight coaching and changed my mindset. I realized what I lost I wanted to keep off. Even if it was 10lbs that year despite over 100 to lose I wanted to change how I was to the core. Although the 10lbs wouldn’t seem like a lot it would really be radical change for me if I could lose it and maintain it.

So that what I did a year ago and the weight I have lost has been maintaining and continues to go down even a year later.

When you set out to lose weight one of the things I establish with all my clients is that they shouldn’t make a change if they can’t see sustaining it for life. For example, most people don’t want to calorie count their whole life. So don’t do it to lose weight. If you won’t do it for life it’s no good to do it to lose the weight- you have to keep doing it!

Find change that is slow and works for you. Experiment often with what works and doesn’t work. Weekly do a reflection on what worked well and what didn’t work well- it will be your personal guide for what to change the next week.

A life and weight loss coach can help you develop that personal plan. I can help. Go to the work with me page to book a consult to see how I can help you.


Does that feeling stand alone?

If you think about your most recent feeling, what other feeling do you think lies blow that?

For example, many people think of anger and that it stands alone. But what if sadness lies below that anger? I call that feeling stacking. If there’s a feeling under one we are currently having, we can understand ourselves better.

I want you to think about what feeling you are having right now and question if it’s really that or something else under it? Realizing this can provide relief on its own.



Failing ahead of time

When you think you can’t achieve something so you don’t even try- you are failing ahead of time. We sometimes mask this as “being realistic.”

Then next time you don’t even try, I want you to think about that. That you are failing ahead of time. Giving up on yourself.

When I was trying to figure how to eat better I thought that it meant I needed to get veggies and chop and bake them all myself. With working full time it was exhausting and not sustainable for me. What I did figure out over the course of this year is that combination of prepared salad packages, steamer veggie bags for the microwave, meals prepared by a local place, and frozen Daily Harvest bowels was the perfect mix for me. I liked variety and not being exhausted to make it all. It took me not giving up to get it done!

Think about in your life what do you really want but gave up on?

What would it take for you to give it a try? To make a plan that works?



Voluntary discomfort vs mandatory suffering

The other day I was listening to a podcast that has a great quote that got me thinking. It’s was,

“The longer you avoid voluntary discomfort, the longer you’ll have to endure mandatory suffering.” By Edward Latimore.

This made me think about how if we have weight to lose we think that if we make a choice not to the lose the weight right now, that life is ok again being able to overeat and not think about it. But that’s not true! When you don’t address the problem you are in mandatory suffering. Suffering with everything that the extra weight holds you back from.

I want you to make a list today of all the things that being overweight holds you back from?

⁃ Better health?

⁃ More years with your kids?

⁃ New career?

⁃ Feeling less fatigued?

⁃ Getting off prescription medications?

⁃ Better sex life?

-more self confidence?

⁃ Being more physical active?

⁃ What else? Get specific?

Once you have this list you have a more clear picture of the mandatory suffering you are in. Even if you don’t lose weight today, you are making a choice. And you always have one more good decision in you.


When you stop making weight loss your identity

I find so often when I work with clients that they are just exhausted with constantly trying to lose weight. It’s gets mentally exhausting.

The constant need to identify with weight loss struggle isn’t fun.

So what if you chose to let get go of that? What if you chose to not identify with weight loss but as a person who is learning to take great care of themselves? To identify now as person that only eats when they are hungry?

For me with weight loss that changed everything. I’m no longer “needing to lose weight”. I just take great care of myself now.

Consider if dropping that identify would lighten the load and lead to a lot of progress.