My name is Matthea Rentea and I am an internal medicine board certified physical who practiced in primary care for 7 years where I treated complex medical conditions. I transitioned to life and weight loss coaching when I noticed that just like myself, women needed a different approach to lose the weight and feel better. I struggled with being overweight my entire life, at my highest having gone into a pregnancy over 100 lbs overweight and was never able to lose the weight with traditional calorie counting diets. It was only once I had coaching that I saw everything in a different way. I describe life as pre and post-coaching! I am not here to show women there is another way.

I attended the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana where I majored in Molecular and Cellular Biology before attending Chicago Medical School. I completed an Internal Medicine residency at Indiana University in Indianapolis, where I have a vibrant primary care practice. I am a board-certified Internal Medicine physician practicing primary care. I am also a Life Coach School certified life and weight loss coach with an advanced certification weight loss coach through No BS University Corinne Crabtree. 

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